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Unlocking Data Loss Prevention (DLP): Stay Ahead in the Digital Era

In today's world, data is incredibly valuable, but it also comes with risks. Organizations are constantly under threat from cyber attacks, making it crucial to protect data. That's where Data Loss Prevention (DLP) comes in. It's like a shield that keeps data safe from cybercrimes, which can happen at any moment.

Did you know that over 20% of online crimes happen because data leaks from organizations? This often occurs when cybersecurity measures aren't strong enough. DLP works to stop data from leaking, whether it's accidental or intentional. It's a vital tool for preventing internal data leaks and keeping information secure

If you are a business owner, director of development of a company aimed at integrating data and information protection measures into your services, at the webinar you will learn more about the practical application of products in this area.

For whom:
  • CEO;
  • CTO;
  • Business Development Director;
  • IT Support;
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