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We invite you to cooperate! ActiveMedia values partnership and is ready to be your reliable ally in business development.
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“On a systematic and long-term basis, we create favorable conditions for the development of vendors and the partner channel, providing businesses and government with access to the most advanced technologies.

Let's build technological sovereignty together.”
Mr. Varit Onvong
Founder and CEO
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We generate demand
We help identify current customer problems and offer solutions to them. More than 40 thousand companies are our clients.
Lucrative profit margins
Pricing strategies are designed to maximize your returns. You gain access to a pricing model that aligns with market trends, ensuring your profitability.
Comprehensive solutions
Our solutions is comprehensive and tailored to address the unique needs of businesses across various industries. We have the expertise to deliver robust solutions that meet your clients' specific requirements.
Marketing partnership
We are committed to helping our partners succeed. From co-marketing initiatives and lead generation programs to dedicated sales. we provide the resources and assistance you need to effectively promote and sell our solutions.
Technical expertise
We are not just technical support. We are strategic problem solvers. Our team goes beyond fixing immediate issues, offering insights and solutions to help you
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Shield your data. Stop data leaks. Spot insider risks.
Rely on a global technology leader to protect your business
Risk and Compliance Management solutions
Physical, virtual, SaaS, and DevOps backup built for IT departments, security professionals, and MSP
Sell more. Sell better. Sell faster with Bitrix24 a single platform to cover all your needs
WPS Office
All-in-one Office Suite for Everyone
Our clients, from global corporations to small businesses
Become a partner
We value partnership and are ready to be your reliable ally in business development.