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WPS Office

All-in-one Office Suite for Everyone
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Professional Office Solution Across All Platforms

Free Access to Word, Excel, and PPT Features

Enjoy free, unlimited access to Word, Excel, and PPT functionalities. Upgrade to WPS Pro for enhanced services and premium benefits whenever you're ready!

100% Compatibility with Flawless File Handling

Never worry about file compatibility again. WPS Office ensures that every file opens smoothly, with no formatting issues. Your work, your way.

Collaborative Freedom

Unlock seamless multi-user collaboration, enjoy complimentary cloud storage, and effortlessly handle and sync files anytime, anywhere.

Cross-Platform File Management

Two-way sync with WPS Cloud across all platforms makes it easy to view, edit, and share files on local devices and cloud platforms.

Lightweight and Lightning-Fast Document Processing

Experience the power of speed and efficiency. WPS Office's installation package is just 214MB, yet it handles large files without a hitch. Say goodbye to lag and hello to productivity.

Powerful and Superb Toolkit

Various built-in applications in WPS Office provide you with superior features, including file format conversion, text extraction, long image output, watermark creation, and annotation.

Colorful Themes, One-Click Switch

WPS Office provides exclusive and excellent themes created by professional art designers to meet diverse aesthetic pursuits.

Eye-Catching and Creative Templates

WPS Office provides thousands of free or paid premium templates to meet all common scenarios. Whether you are preparing a resume, business report, work summary, daily schedule, project plan, or speech slideshow, you can always find and download a suitable template in WPS Office.

All-in-one, More than an Office
Powerful PDF Editor
Easily read, edit, convert and annotate PDF files in one place
Abundant Free Add-ons
OCR, Files conversion, resume builder, screen recording, survey forms, and a bunch of handy tools for whenever you need them.
Unleash the Power of AI in WPS Office
Seamlessly integrate WPS AI with your existing WPS Office suite to explore the capabilities of AIGC and ChatPDF within your familiar workflow.
Level Up Your Projects with WPS Templates
Over 10,000 PDF, Word, Sheet, Slide, and CV templates await, empowering you to shape your professional path effortlessly.

WPS AI Unleash Productivity with Ease

Word's Creative Sidekick

Say goodbye to writer's block! WPS AI generates high-quality content effortlessly using advanced algorithms. From documents to presentations, revolutionize your creative process with just a few clicks or voice commands.

Chat with PDFs

Unlock new insights&inquiries with your PDFs like never before. Engage in seamless conversations with WPS AI as it summarizes, and extracts insights from your PDFs. Effortlessly collaborate, streamline workflow, and gain new perspectives.

OCR Reinvented
(Text recognition)

Scan on the go and let WPS AI extract and summarize documents instantly. Our advanced OCR technology eliminates manual data entry, revolutionizing document processing.

Data Genius in Spreadsheet

Unlock data insights effortlessly with WPS AI. Seamlessly analyze complex data sets and extract valuable information. Identify trends and make informed decisions with ease, using intuitive commands.

Trusted by the World's Leading Organizations
“This is an office product that seamlessly integrates efficiency and functionality, serving as a conduit for connecting people and fostering collaboration. My primary priorities lie in ensuring efficiency and security, thanks to WPS Office.”
Swami Sivasubramanian
Voices from WPSists
“Fantastic "Office Suite". I mostly use the spreadsheets and honestly think it is better than the MS product.The word and presentation apps work absolutely professionally as well. All are fully compatible. Risk free. Go for it!”
Steve Karamarko
Marketing Manager
“Compared to other free office apps like Libre Office, WPS Office is faster, more reliable, and can handle even the largest documents with ease. So if you're tired of paying for MS Office or struggling with slow and unreliable free office apps, give WPS Office a try!”
IT Engineer
“Enable me to share, edit and merge multiple files online or offline. It provides online storage by connecting with google drive which is great. And the tab feature is just great i can use multiple different tools all once at one place.”
Gaurav S.
Product Manager
“Aplikasi yang sangat membantu, semua laporan jadi mudah di akses gak perlu lagi buka PC kerja semakin satset dan mudah banget di akses di manapun dan kapanpun wps memang terbaik , semoga d updetannya makin canggih lagi”
Software Developer
“The templates are great, I can choose each template for each day to write journals. The templates are helpful and easy to adjust. The experiences with AI are really eye-opening.”
Angela Phương Bùi
“I love the fact that it integrates Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and PDF tools into one application, making it super convenient to use. Plus, the compatibility with other popular office software like MS Office and Libre Office is excellent.”
High School Teacher
“Esta aplicación es una barbaridad, la amo, me sacó de grandes apuros al hacer mi tesis. Para mí es y siempre será la mejor aplicación para leer, crear y editar documentos, muchas gracias por crearla.”
Iris González
University Student
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