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WPS Office is one of the world's most popular free mobile cross-platform office suite for the consumer and corporate markets. It comprises over 590 million free users worldwide. WPS Office supports iOS and Android, as well as PCs based on Windows and Linux. Now it supplies with more than 46 languages for Android and 8 for PC. WPS lets fast startup while has smallest installation package..

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For study projects

It is easy to set up of information sharing. WPS offers special packages for tutors and students to make projects more accurate and cool.

"Serve business"

WPS Office rapidly became prevalent office software due to it helps to reduce workload, to keep information in one place, data protect, and files recovery.

High Compatibility, Cloud storage large, Devices else

WPS Office is compatible with mainstream operating systems on today. It allows you to create, edit and view documents of any type almost and supports the formats DOCX, XLSX, OOXML and PPTX, as well as Google Docs. Full control of Adobe PDF is available also.

  • Cross-platform office suite WPS is considered the best alternative of Microsoft Office. Moreover, it's small installation size and available free.
  • WPS Office has become the most popular product in the Google Play and Apple stores. As for iOS office and PDF are available for free.
  • At MacOS the ability to use Dark Mode, Split View, and Hands off is retained.
  • Compatible and efficient for Linux as native.
  • WPS Office for Web helps you share and co-edit data.

WPS Cloud allows accessing your documents on any device: mobile or PC. You may proceed your work at any time, wherever you are. It makes also data sharing with colleagues easier. The regular WPS Package includes 1G of the free space at cloud storage. WPS Premium Cloud volume is extended to 20G.

You can deal Office Suite features completely on PC, smartphone, laptop or tablet. WPS is supported on multiple devices at once. In additional, WPS Office Premium supports up to 9 connected devices (6 mobiles & 3 PCs).

Complete WPS Office with PDF editor

WPS Office is fully compatible with PDF editor. That allows you to edit documents, convert files into editable formats like as .doc, .docx, and other text formats: RTF, Native DOC, MS Word-DOC, MS Word-DOCX. You can save files at Cloud or send its through WPS Office instantly. Built-in powerful PDF reader offers you the opportunity to edit PDF documents directly: enter / delete text, add comments, split / merge pages of a PDF file, and more.

WPS Office contains large numbers online templates to accord of user-specific scenarios. You can choose the perfect one to you. The templates are aimed at satisfy all users’ needs as notes, finance, business, resumes, education, presentations and much more. WPS Office templates give over opportunities for high-quality presentations creation with advanced animation, transitions between slides and support for video, images.

Built-in documents' editor with changes showing, spelling and adding comments. All functions of spreadsheets, including pivot formulas, pivot tables are available. File recovery, backup center, and more as additional features.

WPS Office comes with email, extensive online base and video tutorials.

Go ahead with WPS Office making life simple

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Our Products and Service