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Physical, virtual, SaaS, and DevOps backup built for IT departments, security professionals, and MSP
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All‑Around Cyber Resilience for your Business

Take charge of your security with data protection, backup & disaster recovery, and 360° resilience

Safeguard your data

Build a scalable data protection policy with access-controlled backups on any storage, including appliances

Restore business operations in mins

Ensure security readiness with ransomware protection and instant Disaster Recovery Technologies that keep your business running

Monitor and control for instant remediation

Control access, backups, and roles. Empower security teams with SLA reports, immediate stats, and notifications for better government and instant remediation

Empower security to meet enterprise compliance

Keep up with enterprise data protection standards effortlessly with Xopero! Get the best of the features that help to pass audits smoothly

  1. SOC2 Type II, ISO27001, and GDPR-compliant vendor and DCs
  2. User-side encryption, zero trust, and more security controls for better compliance
  3. Advanced audit logs, notifications, and compliance reports
Anti-Ransomware Shield
Our one-of-a-kind ransomware protection with multiple layers of immutability
Cyber HUB

Breakthrough in Cybersecurity

With integrated strategy and a holistic approach that combines top-tier defense mechanisms, and expert insights.

WORM technology

Immutable data protection solutions

Multiple immutable layers limit ransomware impact and prevent spreading threats across storage.

Unbreakable Enterprise Backup

Advanced encryption settings, custom key, and AES algorithm

Encrypt your backup data in flight and at rest with zero-knowledge proof, guaranteeing no access for ransomware to reach data.

Over 100k protected organizations
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