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Don’t be the next ransomware victim

Ransomware is a type of malware that blocks access to your data by encrypting or hiding it. To get it back, you must pay the criminal a “ransom.”

After the attack, you have to spend valuable time restoring data—if you have viable backup.
If not, you have to rebuild your computer from scratch. And if you run a small business, you may face potential lawsuits from customers who have lost access to data and services.

NeuShield bridge the gap between security and backup
Our Products and Service

With the onslaught of ransomware and other cyberthreats it is becoming harder for corporations to protect their data. News reports about ransomware attacks have become so commonplace that it easy to wonder if there is any good solution.

At NeuShield we have taken a completely different approach to traditional security by offering data protection. Rather than trying to detect and block threats one-by-one we take a new patent pending approach that uses Mirror Shielding™, One-Click Restore and Data Engrams™ which shield important data to prevent threats from modifying it.

This new approach allows us to instantly recover data from any unknown or zero-day threat. Because we are protecting the data rather than trying to find specific threats, we can do this without requiring continuous updates and without signatures. Find out more..

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Our Products and Service
Our Products and Service