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Be guarantee protected by ESET

ESET software meets all current principles of Internet security and fulfils the users’ needs at every fields. Since 2003, ActiveMedia Company has been acting as the exclusive distributor of ESET products in the Thai market. ESET is actively developing of high-quality digital security solutions that are compatibility to any type of software and can be actively used at multiples of devices.

Our Products and Service

Ensure security anytime and anywhere

All data protection

ESET products are great for both digital security of your home network and every business aspects.

Any device under one shield

You can turn towards to package solution for get more opportunity to every unit apart

The main challenge is to keep your personal data in simplest way

ESET services apply to ensure of the files security, emails, finance, and for threat analysis. Products ESET identified as best tools of classic Antivirus protection of your cyber space, namely:

  • Email Spam Defense
  • Safe Internet banking and online payments
  • Parental controls: locking sites with not an acceptable content
  • Warning of unauthorized access to a PC
  • Against threats that Encrypt information and require a ransom
  • Secure data custody and unique tough passwords set up
  • Shield to Information encryption at folders and USB drives
  • Testing of vulnerabilities of router and devices its connected
  • Securing the data on a lost device and its location determination, i.e. Anti-Theft.

Security programs of next generation react promptly to targeted attacks warning of such incidents beforehand. They provide permanent monitoring and controlling of hidden threats, and signs of suspicious activity. AntiVirus ESET provides information about the investigation as well.

Security Technologies satisfying nowadays requests

No one’s person or largest corporation do not want to risk of their data. ESET products are developed individually for every target market. Each package consists of main defense and special protection features that are important for a certain category of consumers. ESET Antivirus Security offers a few set of complex protection formed as for big organization customers, representatives of small and medium-sized businesses, privates, etc.

As provided by as fast changing digital space queries and verity of devices presented at today marketplace, ESET resolves the products, which are both well compatible for the major operating systems and the software for mobile devices.

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Our Products and Service
Our Products and Service