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In contrast to majority computer's kits providing of STEAM education the Piper set was created to learn children how they can build a computer on its own. The Piper provides developing skills in electronics, engineering, design and software.

Thanks to Piper, kids get the opportunity to research programming methods and robotics' world by trial and error. When knowledge only just gained are applied in practice, it is attracted genuine interest and wishing to get much better expertise.

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Inspire at digital technology researching

Study in practice

The Piper Computer Kit is made like best D.I.Y. for kids of 8-13 ages to give building their first computer from start and to complete.

Exciting tangible coding

When playing with the Raspberry Pi Edition of MineCraft everyone can write his or her first line of code.

Pick up Piper experience and learning

The Piper allows children to design hardware and to develop simple software for their adventures in StoryMode. That is easy to implement with LEDs, switches, programming buttons and new electronic decisions.

The computer set founders focused on promotion learning through making innovation by hand else not only by using tools invented before. Intuitive learning process contained in Piper and cutting-edge technology access help students to unleash their potential and appease curiosity.

What knowledge you will find inside:

  • Skills in electrical engineering. After building the hardware, which the Piper Computer Kit composes kids make confidence in operating with tech and electronics.
  • Critical thinking: When you connect hardware to finish mission in Piper StoryMode you have to use critical growth mindset for goals.
  • Developing with PiperCode: Students can take some coding basis using Google's Blockly "drag-and-drop" language.

Smart and Multi-purpose Piper

The Piper Computer Kit forces users to think about what is inside of its wooden case. It has been designed especially for multiple times of assemble and taken apart. DIY possibility ranges from a wooden case collecting to connecting of hardware of usual working computer.

The Piper set supplies an engineering blueprint to get sensory skills by students.

Piper is fitted with immerse software that is able to coach complex engineering concepts. Students will be forced to link electronics with Piper's unique StoryMode through code using the Raspberry Pi Edition of MineCraft. Next stage is the physical computation in PiperCode.

From curious explorer to promising scientist

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