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No limits for kids’ invention.

Makeblock Neuron contains 10s different electronic modules to play, education and translating your child's imaginations into reality. Simple blocks' combinations help to do the Neuron "active" and "well-behaved". That is another of widely distributed today platforms for STEAM Education implemented with programmable electronic building blocks. Due to easy-to-use programming software, kids like to manage by cameras, sensors, ultrasonic, and motors, and to monitor process at LED panels.

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Intuitive to use for expression sparkly ideas

Friendly to newcomers

Neuron needs no complex programming to be an active. Since the Neuron platform has flow-based application as “drag and drop” children can start creating of new project in one move.

Incentive for discoveries

Since every procedure for interaction with Neuron is simple and causes clear visual feedback, it is easy and quickly to understand even by smallest users.

Interactive electronic modules variety inspire to explore

The Neuron platform provides more than 30 blocks for study through playing. It contains light and voice sensor, and infrared sensor also. That is kids can get all different kinds of visual, audio and somatosensory incentive. This smart interaction helps focusing on scientific elements of phenomena taken place.

The Neuron can be used at every possible games with no limits. Since different combinations with 30 and more modules allow to create more than 100 interactive sceneries. Therefore, this "smart toy" is really treasure trove for children imagination.

And no one of blocks needs no to coding. It is just enough to connect modules with one another and follow your fancy.

Pogo pins inbuilt at Neuron for simple and fast using

Magnetic connectors used for linking blocks together are applied in advanced electronic devices and smart phones. They are executed so precisely that to do new and new mixes of Neuron's modules will not be difficult even for smallest users.

This is patented interface. The developer guarantees this kind of connection will be not only fast, but absolutely safe that is even more importantly. It also eliminates cases of incorrect blocks being connected.

Children cannot only instant connect and unconnected the kit's blocks with one another but integrate of any Neuron module with other gadgets. It makes possible to design, for example, an auto model with remote-controlled or to create a signal lights run by voice.

That is even it would seem such simple interface as Pogo pins gives more over opportunities to fun study through creation.

Neuron e-blocks help your creation to sparkle

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