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Codey Rocky

It's time to go coding, that is wondered.

Thanks to games and applications fitted into Codey Rocky, children would know how to interact with machines and couching of logical thinking and principles of artificial intelligence. That is very important in the run-up to the era of artificial intelligence onset. Due to Wi-Fi built-in you can quickly connect Codey Rocky to the Cloud for realizing its IoT functionality. That means you can interconnection via the Internet of all devices for management of all kinds of smart tools.

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Smart and Advanced in One Superb Design

Brainy Codey

It has much more options than we can see on the surface. More than 10 modules make Codey Rocky easy to electronic programming.

Agile Rocky

What makes the creativity even more fun and interesting? It is newest features. Codey Rocky know how to overcome obstacles, not only spin around and move in the direct lines.

Every kid who can read can learn how to program

To program is as simple as play with blocks. The learning process is structured into various games with many levels. While children pass all the game stages, they learn programming what makes study fun.

Codey Rocky helps kids learn to program through technical creation. Codey Rocky introduces them to the fascinating world of advanced technology with already built in AI and IoT features.

Children will not only intuitively aware commands when they management every move of the robot, but will obtain experience through the creation of equipment.

Using the power of mBlock software, Codey Rocky enable to engineering of:

  • dot matrix animation;
  • web design for game on portable device;
  • changing the game script.

Kids can also turn the Robot into portable gadget and using your advanced "friend" during scientific project or implement him even more IoT applications.

Experts' Helping to Home Creativity

Originally, Codey Rocky is provided with comprehensive training materials that grant necessary professional guidance through this technology for children.

The training manual allows also getting the full benefit from constantly update abundant links that numbers are permanently increase.

What else Codey Rocky offers:

This Robot causes admire invariably not only in children, but also in adults. He helps to translate the fancy into a real scenario of games. Codey Rocky is equipped with more than 10 electronic modules. There are some of them:

Voice sensor: Determines sound level both audible and when moving.

Light sensor: Able to show the intensity of ambient lighting.

LED Display: capable displays various lighting models and RGB effect

6-axis Gyroscope: Discovering vibrations and rotation angles, inclinations also.

And above all – buttons: programmable buttons for setup.

Codey Rocky can even change facial expressions with simple coding.

Setup your fancy to give even more creative to Codey Rocky!

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